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Meet the scientists who need our help

Discover the research endeavors of a select group of scientists among the 300 applicants who are seeking support from SaveScienceUA

Victoria Dyomina, State Biotechnology University

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"It was the desire of students for knowledge, their thirst for knowledge, for science that gave me the strength to gradually get out of the grip of fear."

Victoria's life has been completely changed, when a missile has hit her house, destroying all her belongings, including a computer equipment she had for research is destroyed. The department, where Victoria works, now is reorienting itself to cybersecurity and data protection, facing a new reality. The country needs research in cryptography, risk theory, and the use of mathematical tools to develop development scenarios.

  • Needs: a laptop
  • Specialisation: modeling the processes of strategic regional management; cryptographic data protection.


Oleksiy Kulyk, National Technical University "KhPI"

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Meet Oleksiy Kulyk, a steadfast Ukrainian researcher striving to revolutionize energy resilience amidst the turbulence of war. His project, constructing an underground 110/35/10 kV substation, promises a stable energy supply in crisis zones. However, the validation of his theoretical work requires on-site experiments and measurements, a step halted by the scarcity of equipment and resources.

  • Needs: kilovoltmeter AC 100 kV, high voltage divider 100 kV
  • Specialisation: electical systems and networks

Tetiana Ivchenko, Institute of Vegetable and Melon Growing of the NAAS

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"The fact that many scientists have remained in their positions is evidence that we trusted and believe in our armed forces and consider it our civic duty to support society in such dramatic times."

In 2022, Tetiana and her research team have not stopped by the artillery cannonades as the frontline was 20 kilometers from their Institute. Their research aims to develop elements of green asparagus cultivation technology in the Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine and identify agricultural measures to create a "vegetable conveyor belt" that guarantees high economic and production performance.

  • Needs: weather station, refractometer, refrigerator, tablet
  • Specialisation: agricultural biotechnology

Oleksandr Zhelezniak, Karazin Kharkiv National University


Oleksandr Zhelezniak is a Ukrainian astronomer whose commitment to astronomy has been tested by war. His work primarily involves the 40-cm telescope at Chuguev Observation Station in Kharkiv, an invaluable tool for astronomical observations that was devastated during the temporary occupation by Russian forces in 2022. As a result, research and educational programs including exoplanet hunting were interrupted, with the telescope's remote-access capability a major loss.

Zhelezniak's situation is perhaps best summed up in his own powerful words: "The observation complex of the 40-cm telescope, into which so much time, effort, and finances were invested, was damaged and completely looted." Despite this, he is relentless in his efforts to restore the telescope and resume the scientific pursuits it makes possible. His resilience serves as a reminder of the courage and commitment of scientists working under the most challenging conditions

  • Needs: astro camera, servo controller, CCD filter
  • Specialisation: astrophysics


Valentyn Chebanov, Monocrystals Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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"For the next six months I lived in my office - it was much safer there than at home."

Due to the constant shelling of Kharkiv, the buildings of both institutions were damaged, and unique, modern scientific equipment failed due to power surges. However, starting in May 2022, Monocrystals Institute started scientific work in the laboratories, and now more than 80% of the employees have returned to the institute. Now, the team requires software for analyzing spectra (NMR, IR, mass, etc.) to continue their work in the field of organic synthesis and share their results with scientific society.

  • Needs: Mestrelab Research software, magnetic stirrer
  • Specialisation: organic and functional materials chemistry


Valentyna Samokhvalova, National Research Center "Sokolovsky Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry"

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Valentyna Samokhvalova is a resilient Ukrainian scientist, actively involved in researching soil monitoring and remediation amidst the challenges of wartime. Her focus lies in developing scientific methods for assessing and addressing soil contamination caused by chemical pollutants and the impact of military activities. Despite the adversities she faces, Samokhvalova remains committed to her work, seeking motivation through physical exercises, engaging activities, and continuous learning. Her research aims to advance the understanding of soil quality and contribute to the ecological management of contaminated soils.

  • Needs: laptop with a GPU, computational software
  • Specialisation: soil contamination, pollution monitoring and environmental management

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