Vital help for mothers with newborns and toddlers

Why Babybox?

Since week 1 of the war, the baby box project has been an important part of our association, which has concentrated exclusively on the needs of mothers with infants and toddlers. With our baby boxes, we give much needed support to the most vulnerable group affected by war by supplying them with medicine, hygiene products and baby food.

What is needed

  • Baby food
  • Care products for babies and toddlers
  • Hygiene products for mothers
  • Medicine for babies and children


  • The most affected group of individuals
  • Well-thought-out contents
  • Goal-oriented help
  • Allocation only to those in need


  • The project was started within the first week of the war
  • Over 700 baby boxes have already been distributed to mothers in Ukraine
  • We get regular, very positive feedback from mothers as well as from volunteers on the ground

How does help reach those in need?

Baby boxes are filled and packed in Munich and then transported directly to Ukraine. Once in Ukraine, they are put into the hands of evacuated mothers with babies or women about to give birth in birthing centers. Our highest objective is the most badly affected areas of the war. We try to get as far as possible. “Kinderboxen” are boxes specifically for toddlers and are made to order upon request.

Do they really receive this?

Absolutely! They receive everything you have donated. And we document it too. Please help us alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable victims of war. Let’s set an example of solidarity and humanity together. Every donation helps!

We are grateful for your help!

We rely on the support from companies and private persons. We are looking for sponsors and benefactors. If you are in Munich, we invite you to come visit us to learn more about the important work we do.

Your Babybox team

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