Our board and advisory board

Executive board

Volodymyr Viitovich

1st Chairman

As a Ukrainian Greek-Catholic parish pastor, I care for the Ukrainian community in Munich. This community was founded almost a century ago and currently consists of dozens of thousands of Ukrainians and new Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

I am grateful and proud to be part of the excellent München Hilft Ukraine e.V. team and of everything we have achieved together for the refugees from Ukraine in Munich and those who suffer from the war in Ukraine.

Simon Spitzer

2nd Chairman

As an experienced individual with exceptional skills in handling challenges and shouldering responsibility, I always maintain composure and tranquility, even in stressful situations. Joining the MHU team allows me to assist people suffering from the war in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in Germany, providing support to those in need.

My motivation for getting involved with the München Hilft Ukraine e.V. association stems from a desire to help people affected by the war in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in Germany. I want to contribute my part by offering support and assistance to those who are in desperate need.

Olena Kyselova


After studying medicine in Ukraine and working there as a cardiologist, I moved to Germany, where I worked as a financial manager in an international company for many years.

In light of the outbreak of war in Ukraine, I decided that my acquired knowledge and experience could benefit the Ukrainian people. That’s why I joined a group of like-minded people in Munich to help those suffering from the war in Ukraine, as well as refugees from Ukraine in Germany.

Alona Kharchenko


As a founder, roboticist, and Ukrainian at heart, I harness my capabilities and background to drive Munich Helps Ukraine e.V. as a high-impact non-profit organization.

My participation in the activities of Munich Helps Ukraine e.V. is my personal contribution to alleviating the war-induced suffering of the people and ensuring that Ukraine thrives as a strong and independent European economy for future generations.

Oleksiy Padenok

Board member

I am an experienced project manager who operates in dynamic and complex environments to deliver the best possible value to our clients. Even though I have lived in Germany for a long time, I feel the need to help the Ukrainian people suffering from the war in Ukraine and the Ukrainian refugees in Germany.

My drive comes from my deep connection to the people in Ukraine and my desire to provide specific help. I am convinced that the charity München Hilft Ukraine e.V. is the optimal way for me to contribute to improving the situation for Ukrainian refugees in Germany.

Ruslan Chubak

Board member

I am a Ukrainian immigrant living outside of Ukraine for a long time. In my professional life, I work in the medical field, saving people’s lives every day.

München Hilft Ukraine e.V. is like a child to me, whose foundation I have witnessed and nurtured until today. At MHU, I have taken on the role of medical coordinator, and together with like-minded people, we help our compatriots and jointly strive for our victory because my heart is always with Ukraine!

Roman Buznykovatyy

Board member

I am a digital entrepreneur, born in Ukraine, now living in Munich, and a father of two. With a balanced mix of corporate and startup experience and a passion for creating and building innovative businesses, I am a proud alumnus of the Technical University of Munich (TUM School of Management) and holder of an Executive MBA in Innovation and Business Creation.

From the first days of the war in Ukraine, I joined with other Ukrainians to found München Hilft Ukraine e.V. I am highly motivated to automate all volunteering processes at MHU. This allows us to scale rapidly and provide effective aid for people suffering from the war in Ukraine and thousands of Ukrainian refugees in Germany.

Advisory board

Nadia Thiele

Advisory board member

Over 20 years ago, I came to Germany as a student from Ukraine, where I was born, grew up, and went to school. Today, Munich is my home. Here I can live freely and be entrepreneurial. But I have never forgotten where I come from, and I love my home country.

This makes me all the more concerned about the situation in Ukraine, where I still have many friends. For more than a year, they have been living under the constant fear of losing their freedom, their lives. The suffering being done to them motivates me to get involved with the people in Ukraine and all those who had to flee from the aggressor. So that, hopefully, soon, they will have the opportunity to live their dreams of freedom and peace at home again.

Michael Dzeba

Advisory board member

Member of the Munich City Council

Alla Frisin-Yakub

Advisory board member

As someone who deeply loves Ukraine, knows its history and respects its culture and traditions, I have committed to promoting and popularizing national art and artisans from Ukraine in Germany. I have worked in the Administration of Munich City as a project manager in the IT sector for over six years.

In these difficult times, I could not remain idle and joined the center to support the Ukrainians from the first days of the large-scale war. In my position at München Hilft Ukraine e.V., I can use my knowledge and skills to the best of my ability to support Ukraine and the Ukrainians, including those abroad.

Dr. Viktor Hlukhyy

Advisory board member

As a research scientist and chemist at the Technical University of Munich, I bring a high degree of technical understanding and analytical thinking. As a Ukrainian emigrant, I see it as my duty to support and help in difficult times.

The support of each person, especially Ukrainian emigrants like me, is crucial in these hard times for Ukraine. That’s why I joined the München Hilft Ukraine e.V. team to continue to help Ukrainian refugees in Germany and support the people suffering from the war in Ukraine.

Ruslan Orlov

Advisory board member

As someone passionate about tackling complex challenges and always intent on achieving set goals, I bring a proven leadership role to the board. Thanks to my previous position on the board, I am familiar with the internal processes of our association and aim to drive further improvements and optimizations this year.

München Hilft Ukraine e.V. stands for a mission close to my heart – helping the people in Ukraine. As someone born in Ukraine, my connection to my homeland and the goals of MHU form a powerful motivational foundation. Since establishing the association, I have been committed and determined to convert my leisure time into meaningful care.

Ruslan Orlov