Supporting the doctors in Ukraine

Portable ultrasound

To date, we have sent 16 Philips Lumify ultrasound devices to the doctors in Ukraine. They are beyond grateful for these tools, as they come in handy in their daily practice.

Our goal is send 10 more Philips Lumify devices to the hospitals in the most war-affected regions.

Each device costs €5.355.

LED Headlight for surgeons

Another position on our wish-list is HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight for surgeons. MHU has already sent 5 headlamps to the hospitals in Ukraine and the devices are already in active use by the doctors. Our goal is to supply 10 more lamps to the hospitals in Odesa and Kharkiv regions.

Each headlight is priced at €2.000.

Ambulances for War-Torn Communities

For residents living near war zones, access to emergency medical care is a matter of life and death. MHU has just facilitated a delivery of two ambulances to Ukraine, and with your support, we can help even more communities in need.

A used ambulance price starts at €20.000.

Help effectively

Your donation, no matter how small, can make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by the war. Rest assured that your help comes targeted, as we work directly with the Ukrainian hospitals and communities we are helping.


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For more details and questions please contact our medicine project leads Olena Kyselova and Ruslan Chubak via email

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